Thai Style Auto Services Co Ltd  is a joint venture Foreign/Thai company 49/51% with an International  Management team and although only founded in 2003 the company is quickly becoming the leading company in the export field,a  with reputation for high-quality vehicles, accessories and services which we continually strive to maintain. Our staff includes employees fluent in English and Thai, who will always ensure that we supply exactly what our clients are looking for. Our comprehensive supplier networks enable us to buy quality new vehicles at extremely competitive prices along with all accessories.

   We are proud
of our ability to assure rapid delivery of almost any type of   delivery of truck or motorcycle from exclusively Thailand , where the pricing is the   most competitive. We have a proven track record in terms of meeting the needs of   our most demanding clients and look forward to providing these services to our   growing list of new and existing clients. We also provide a comprehensive service for   accessories and spare parts for all vehicles manufactured in Thailand .

   We advise the client on the best form of Transport RoRo (Roll on - Roll off) or   container shipment and offer all kinds of delivery plans including CIF and FOB   depending on the customer's requirement.

    The vehicles
are fully customized to the client's specification and we ensure the   vehicles meet the ESVA requirements necessary for the registration. We can   against   special orders provide LHD vehicles but in principle the ex-works vehicles are   usually   RHD.


    We can include
the shipping costs or defer to the client if he has his own   wishes   in this regard. Our UK partner can assist in this with import duty, VAT   payments,   model reports, ESVA testing etc.
      or the client may want to do this him self, in this regard we are very flexible.

   If the client wishes to return
a vehicle under the personal import   scheme,   we can give advice on how to do this. We even provide a service for ex-pats   who   own the vehicle already on how to return the vehicle to the UK even if new or   used.

   If you are a first time
importer we will give you a step by step guide on how to   clear the hurdles without any problems and if you are an experienced importer we will   support you in any way you require.


   Our Terms of payment are very flexible with 30% with order and the   remaining 70% payable against a copy of the BL (Bill of Lading) either scanned or   faxed, this ensures the vehicle is on the ship and can be confirmed by the customer   with the shipper. Also if you want to use an International Checking Service (Third   Party Inspection) to check the vehicle before and during shipping this can be done at   costs to yourself. We also offer LC (Letter of Credit) payment against an accredited   Bank.

   Our company
is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Department   off oreign trade as a licensed exporter, registered with the Ministry of Finance,   Revenue   Department and with The Department of Customs and Excise.

our transactions are fully recognized and accepted by the various Thai   Government department and we can supply Certificates of Origin on request.

   We can supply testimonials from our customers and have shipped to UK,   Germany, Finland, Cyprus, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, India,   Pakistan, Surinam, Ireland to name a few.


    All our customers
invariably become friends of Thai Style Auto Services and   we have met personally with more than 90% of our customers who take the   opportunity to meet us during their visits to Thailand.

     We hope you to will become a friend of TSAS and have the opportunity to meet   with our staff during a visit.

    When ordering
from the Internet the question always is (or should be) is this a   real organization or a front, it is with our personal contacts and reputation that   ensures you get the best deal, best service, best delivery and more importantly the   best price.

   Usually our customers opt for the LC route for payment this ensures you   cannot be ripped off but does entail additional costs on your side for the issuance of   the LC, invariably most of our customers start with an LC then opt for the 30%   option since this saves costs in the long term.

   Whatever you decision we will ensure you get the best service we can give.